Strange Maths


Maths is not just made of boring formulas you have to learn at school, but also of nice and funny applications to be used in so many curious situations.

In the section Strange Maths of our magazine we have published amusing: paradoxes, games, riddles, special numbers, odd coincidences …


Do you think dancing and Maths have nothing in common? You are wrong, because even digits can dance! In this section you can find a Strange digits dance followed by Another dance with digits.


Do numbers look cold and unfriendly to you? You will change your mind when you read the article about Friendly, Sociable, Perfect Numbers!


In this section there are many other articles: you will find out about old and curious methods to make the multiplications on your fingers, used by the Bengali people or in ancient times by the Syrians or the Palestinians, but you will also know about the unexpected properties of the square of any natural number or of the zero.


Students have learned that Maths can be really fun and stimulate our curiosity and creativity!