Maths Games

Since Maths is such a serious subject, we tried to make it more enjoyable and less arid. We had fun playing a lot of games both in the Maths Games section in the online magazine and in the blog.

The newest of them was about a visit to Bucharest and used Google Maps.


View Itinerary in a larger map

On the pointers on this map, there are a few photos taken by us and links to find out more about the four objectives we are presenting. It is interesting to see that they form a triangle and its angle bisectors.

Here are the tasks,  after taking a look at them:

  1. Click on the lines and find the shortest possible itinerary you can choose in order to visit al of them.
  2. Use Heron's formula and calculate the area for the big triangle. 
  3. Solve the problems on each of them and send us all the answers.
  4. Have fun (hopefully)!

The problems are in the magazine article.

The Italian team commented on the tasks, solved the problems and they even suggested related famous problems! Their solutions are here.

There are more games in the magazine: a famous medieval problem proposed by Alcuin of York, a Lewis Carroll's paradox, a mathematical ring trick to amaze your friends, a maze and more!

 The blog also holds a few games, such as the famous nine dots problem: try to connect nine dots with four straight lines without raising the pencil from the paper. The Italian teams proposed an animated solution: 

There is also a puzzle, quizzes and more!