Maths in Real Life

Some people ask themselves why we need to learn Mathematics. For those people, the best example can be applying Mathematics in our life. Like the information in these articles, there are a lot of other data that we should know. And in most of these we can find a lot of Mathematical facts.

 Did you know that the red globules in our body put next to each other could form a string long enough to surround the Earth's Equator five times? There is more mathematical information about our red cells in this article

Did you know that the stars we gaze at today might actually not exist at the very moment we see them? The nearest galaxy to ours is 1.000.000 light years away. Since, according to the scientists' calculations, mankind is only about 500.000 years old, the rays of light arriving on Earth today have started from the galaxy long before human development. And many more stars that we see shining in the sky today don't really shine any longer! What's even more interesting, the greatest Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu expressed these ideas in one of his poems as early as he 19th century. More about it here!

Did you know that the famous Russian poet M.I. Lermontov  was very fond of mathematics as well as an expert in it? Moreover, for a while, he exclusively and passionately studied this science?  Here is a story  from his biography about a mathematical game.

More real-life problems in our magazine: how long it takes to fill a bathtub, about areas and perimeters, Archimede’s sand grains problem etc.