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Our Loudblog and our blog


Two of  the main instruments in the project, besides the on-line magazine, are the blog and the Loudblog The blog is it is meant both for communication and for materials the magazine cannot hold because of their format. It can be found here.



As for the loudblog, it holds Maths problems and riddles proposed by the students as well as their partners' solutions as comments. There are famous and old problems such as a problem from Newton’s book “General Arithmetic” in 1707or an old French problem, problems using the well-known Dirichlet Principle but also funny ones,  . Be sure to listen to them! Both the problems and the solutions also have a written text. And here is a slideshow with images from the "recording studio".

The students were invited to download them on their iPods, listen to them whenever they have a spare moment, on a break or on the way home, and try to solve them. It's a whole new type of  activity for us, so our voices may sound a bit strange in the very beginning. But it was nice to hear each other, to get the answers and to use what we had learned in the Podcasting eTwinning Learning Event. 

 Now, as a new schoolyear began, we have started new activities. While we are looking forward to our partners' new videos, we have prepared some new audiofiles for them, and one matches the topic that they have chosen for the videos: the life of one of the most important figures in Mathematics: Pythagoras.

There are also new problems for our partners to solve: motion problems about a train and an engine, one about a triangle and another on entrance fees and so on.

After solving the audiogames, the Italian students have recorded some riddles for their friends in Bucharest.

The Maths games are about how to divide a cake, pocket money, fishing. There is also a "musical" problem and a couple of riddles on mysterious numbers!

The new audiogames recorded by the Italian students have been solved by the Bucharest team.

Listen here!

Here are some photos taken during the audiofiles recording in Matera.





















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