Final Products


 The main final product of the project is a pedagogical kit with two parts. The first one is a pool of materials for each MI appropriate for motivating pupils, especially the less gifted ones, stimulate their interest in Math. The materials are very diverse and are published both in a blog and in a material form (DVD), especially useful in CLIL /bilingual or school curriculum (optional) classes. The second part is a teachers’ guide with methods and strategies for teaching Math using MI, to be further used by other teachers.


Another final product is a board game. It consists of the board itself and the cards, that are printed with questions from seven chapters of Math. The questions were chosen from the ones created by students for the Quiz during the first project meeting in France. Clear rules for playing the game were collaboratively set by teachers. The game is appropriate for revision or optional classes and was tested by students during the final project meeting in Bucharest. 





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Teaching Guide

 One of the project's final products: the teachers' guide. 


Game Images


Game Board

AIMS- Board Game Canvas by Irina Vasilescu

Game Rules

The Rules of the AIMS Board Game by Irina Vasilescu

Game answers

AIMS Board Game-Answers by Irina Vasilescu

Game Points

AIMS Board Game Points by Irina Vasilescu

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