The final overview of Comenius


Greece- Final activities

 In Greece we celebrated the end of the project during the 7th 

project meeting in Athens, first week of June. 

Our partners and the teachers of our school visited all the places relevant to the 7 wonders, had 

teaching sessions with our pupils and the pupils of the 3rd grade acted out a school show based on the project.

During the teaching sessions our pupils were

informed about the countries of our partnres, their schools and work for the project

and finally a traditional dance which we danced all together in the school's gathering  hall.

The meeting was a great success! Have a look at our photos.

Turkey-Final Activities

In our school, we celebrated our Comenius Project close-up with many activities in each classroom. Students wrote poems, expressed their feelings, painted and drew and decorated trees in the garden with their final work. Please check the photos to see our work.



18 Czerwca obchodziliśmy Fakt, že Nasz projekt / Siedem cudów  naszego regionu / żart na JEJ końcu.

Our meeting was in Palace Anna Wazówna with students, teachers,Mayor city Brodnica and other people who live in Brodnica.



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Slovania: We have celebrated the end of the project
Slovakia: We have celebrated the end of the project

On 18th June we celebrated the fact that our project / The Seven Wonders of

Our Region/is at its end. We held a big final presentation which had been

prepared by our pupils of the 9th class. They had worked with the e-journal,

Twinspace and our guidebook and so they could remember us all our discovered

wonders. The biggest success had a presentation of the 2nd wonder – the most

tasteful traditional meal, because during presenting full of meals ´pictures the

audience was still shouting a big Mňammm /Yummy!!!/ and clapping hands, as




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