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Hello, Slovakia
Czech children in Slovakia


Blue and Yellow day in Slovakia



On 5th May, we welcomed 30 Czech children and 5 teachers from our partner school of Sivice. It was very easy to recognize who is a host and a guest because the Slovaks were in blue and The Czechs were in yellow colour. However, our guests were in our school just 6 hours, we prepared a very rich programme for them. At the beginning there was a special ceremonial connected with the idea of the 10th anniversary of eTwinning. We had balloons and a big eTwinning cake.


After the school presentation, the Czech pupils sat down at the school desks and they learnt with the Slovak pupils. They could see how our pupils can learn Slovak language, Maths, Biology,... In addition, we made a connection with our Polish friends to bring the atmosphere of our meeting further.


We were also cheering our children because there was a sport match Slovakia - Czech Republic. Who won? All participants, because all of them fought bravely. They had a sweet award - a big piece from a chocolate cake.

At the end of the visit we went to discover 7 wonders of our region.

This way we have enjoyed the blue and yellow day in Trenčianske Teplice.



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