Our collaborative poem



Beyond the bounds

Beyond the map limits are people

no matter where they live,

no matter what they do,

they dream.

Beyond the world are stars shining in our lives.

If you can imagine you can do it!

so smile!

a day without laugh is a day wasted!

the dreams brings smiles to our hearts

If you dreaming you can hope

If you hope there is always shiny future in front of you.

With the hope there are no limits to what you want to do.

Let all the positive thoughts to fulfill your heart,

because that's the easiest of reaching happiness part.

Wherever you are, wherever you will be,

You have to have fun easily.

Don't be so serious, you are so young,

If you have troubles you must be strong.

The sky is the limit, if you want to do,

Let your dreams come true.

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