Short description
In this project we sensibilized our students to sustainable development by the theme of water.
The aims were
Educate to Sustainable Development
Acquire knowledge about the environment
Reinforce eco-citizens behaviours
Raise awareness to International Solidarity



Links to Project Outcomes


Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity

Water is our most basic and vital need in life and engages the responsibility of all human beings all over the planet. This is the reason why the public of this project was enlarged to Asian and south American schools.
Also, the approach of this project was not limited to curriculum scientific activities and included artistic expression and outdoor activities (sport, gardening, visits, local patrimony) in order to aware all students from primary and lower secondary school.

Curricular integration

The activities about water, are integrated in all the schools curriculum (physics, chemistry, biology, geology, technology, and sustainable development)

1. Water as a resource
The hydrological cycle.
The main sources (ground water, surface water, sea water)
2. Water supply (agriculture, human use related with sanitation)
3. Scientific principles (physics, chemistry, biology, geology)
4. Technologies for water supply
(Avoiding pollution, limiting consumption, controlling irrigation)

Communication and exchange between partner schools

This project took place over three years without precise schedule to allow time for the different participants to organize without stress, and publish in the various activities.
5 eTwinning schools (France, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Spain), 3 Asian (India, Taiwan, Vietnam) and 1 South American (Brazil) participate to the 6 activities of this project (Sciences, Sustainable development, Local Patrimony, Water Rockets, Message in a Bottle, Artistic Activities).
The activity of the Twinspace (Countries contributions) summarizes the different contributions, with an average of 4 activities/country




Collaboration between partner schools

Initially, the focus of the project was the sustainable development, science and arts activities. Exchanges within the teachers and students of the school team and also the partner schools allowed us to enrich with other activities (Water rockets, Local Patrimony, Message in a bottle).The addition of these activities had the effect of keeping the interest of the different teams of students that worked during those three years.




Creative use of ICT

Publication in a website for a large public diffusion: http://shareaquanostra.wix.com/project
Development of an ergonomic navigation in the Twinspace: http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p97028
Creation of a shared You Tube channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/shareaquanostra
Creation of a shared presentation account : http://www.authorstream.com/aquanostra/
Creation of a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/aquanostra/


Results and Benefits


After the previous project named “e-water” (2011-2012) , Aqua Nostra (2013-2015) is the 2nd water project. This name (and logo) are now a registered trade mark and will be used for the next eTwinning water project.
The new Aqua Nostra project will be created in the new twinspace. It will have the same objectives, and will be extended to the new eTwinning+ countries. After Asia and South America other continents will be integrated.
Teachers and educators are already involved in http://shareaquanostra.wix.com/project

For the 5 etwinning teachers, who took the survey, the main objectives have been achieved (100% for Educate to sustainable development)

The trans-curricular approach of the project was successful: the most popular activities have been sciences and arts.

Four of the five eTwinning partners already decided to take part in the new Aqua Nostra project




French National Quality Label

Félicitations ! Le label de qualité vient d'être attribué à votre travail dans eTwinning.

Excellent projet pluridisciplinaire autour du thème de l'eau qui a pour objectif de sensibiliser les élèves à la protection de l'environnement.
Ce projet s'est tenu sur 3 ans et a réuni de nombreux partenaires en Europe et au-delà faisant bénéficier tous les élèves d'une granche richesse interculturelle et de l'apport de nombreuses disciplines. Les productions sont multiformes et d'une grande qualité à toutes les échelles. Féliciations, nous vous conseillons vivement de participer au concours national notamment dans la catégorie "citoyenneté".

Sincères salutations,





Survey for etwinning members

(France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovenia)