Professional story-telling workshops


Cyprus - A Writer to our School - Read a Story and Dramatic Play

On the 27th of January 2015 a writer of children stories was invited to our school. She read a story to the pupils of Grade A and then the children engaged into a dramatic play.


Cyprus - Dramatic Play based on Children Story

Cypriot Grade B students were engaged in a dramatic play based on a children story and had a lot of fun! We invited a teacher to our school who is trained on theater drama and helped the students performed and learned through role playing, music and motion.


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Pirate Okendo wanted to kidnap a princess and steal a treasure, he thought he would be so happy, but it´s clear that love can not be kidnapped because it is free: love and friendship are cultivated like plants. And stealing is wrong, it is a matter of pirates and pirates are only nice people in stories and movies, not in real life.It´s clear that happiness is in love, not in  stolen treasures but in our hearts, we must learn to look for it. 

Through yoga exercises and story telling, this play has tried to teach us to grow taking care of our body, mind and spirit through good nutrition, exercise, relaxation, and values ​​such as empathy, respect, love and listening. 


On Thursday April 16th, on third session, we closed this fantastic yoga and theatre activity third and last session, starring actress Monica LLeó and  proposed by the Innovation Department of the Educational Authorities for the Canary Islands.