Solidarity and Equality: It's your time!

We are living in a continent full of social problems, a place where men and women have different rights, different salary.

We must fight against these injustices, and the very first question is to identify and denounce them,


This activity consists on:


1. Every student has to show to others a problematic situation  (related to Solidarity or equality) that he/she detects in his/her country. ----> How? Using .Your teacher will provide you the user and passwork of a common account. (for the link, look at the blog that is below).  You only need to look for news, videos, etc, and add the link of  it in your national dashboard.


2. Every student has to create an advertisement denouncing the situation showed by another student (not of his/her own country)----> How? They can take an image from Internet (preferably Creative Common) and add their motto using Fotoflexer or similar. Then they have to post in Instagram with the hashtag #solidarityTILMPE



and don't forget: it's your time!!!


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Solidarity in Spain

Solidarity in Spain
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Solidarity & Equality problems in Spain

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