special mobility: Slovakia


Hello Slovakia


This week had an idea of Slavic partnership because it was held a visit of our Czech and Polish partners.

Communication between us was kind , because it is enough to listen, speak slowly and you can understand.

On Monday, we had a presentation of our school and our friends got to know our school system of education in detail.

In the evening, there was held a friendly meeting of the teachers from the school and the guests. We tasted our traditional meals of the 2nd wonder of our region.

On Tuesday and Thursday, our partners visited the classes and took part in discussions with the pupils of  2nd and 3rd class. The work was repaid by relax thanks to a visit of our most healthy place in our region - our spa. We together discovered our 7th wonder - Hammam, where we were sitting in the pool with healing water.

On Friday, we said goodbye to our partners, but we were not sad, because in one month we are going to see each other again.

We are greeting all partners of our project :)))

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