Meeting in Bucharest- Naturalistic Intelligence

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 A day-by-day diary of the project meeting in Bucharest in this webpage. Enjoy it and see you again! 


Meeting in Bucharest_by the Italian team
Frenchies_Video animoto of the meeting in Bucharest



Pottery painting workshop_May_14_2015
Trip to Horezu_May_12_ 2015
Mathematical modeling in hydrology_ May_11_2015
Painted Pottery
The Dutch team in Bucharest!

María in Bucharest

Travel to Bucharest by vcuadrad

Pablo in Bucharest

Visit to INOE

Atmospheric Observatory - Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires
Meeting in Bucharest by polish team...



"Krakowiak " and "Płynie Wisła, płynie..."   great !!! Thank You!!!


and we went to Bucharest
Sierpinski Carpet

My partner and I

 Ice-breaking activity to discover what students and their partners have in common. 


Venn Diagrams -My partner and I

Welcome ceremony in Bucharest

Growing stones


Evaluation form
Map Challenge

Treasure Hunt in the Village Museum

Theasure Hunt Muzeul Satului_codes by Irina Vasilescu

Mathematical modeling in hydrology- An activity created by teacher Monica Corbus

 Determination of Mean Precipitation by Irina Vasilescu

River Basin by Irina Vasilescu

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