Fabula Infinita /Neverending Story

Hi friends!

Imagine, we are meeting around a campfire. After singing, one of you propose to start a story and another one must continue it in a funny way ... this is what we do with this activity, to create a story among all.

Fabula Infinita:for Latin students:

School from different parts of Europe are participating in this story! In this case, you have to propose ideas with your mates to continue these tales:

  1. 1.      Infinita fabula I: Pulchra puella quae dormit


  1. 2.      Infinita fabula II: Mater capra et septem filii


  1. 3.      Infinita fabula III: Familia Ursi ...et Iulia



Every School can add a maximum of 5 lines. Latin teachers helps students with this text, taking into account that has to be written in a basic Latin. You  can also propose to your part of the story Creative Commons images and comments to clarify certain words. Each School will write in a different color in the document.

Neverending Story: for English students:

You need to sign up in Poetica and follow this link.

Feel free to continue the story (no more than 4-5 lines).

Enjoy it!!!