I found out that Heron of Alexandria was known as the 1st century AD inventor who first built the model named Heron's fountain.

Now I know how to build similar one.  I’ve mastered my team skills that allowed me to get better results and achieve the aim of the project.

I was awarded in the contest .I could watch and  admire other interesting experiments associated with Physics and Chemistry, presented by students from partnership schools. I found Physics and its laws more fascinating . Pamela


To me the most exciting thing was when I had to search for symmetry in the world around me.  Measuring the three’s shadow gave me a lot of fun and pleasure as well. I also learnt how plants drink water and I could see a thought-provoking phenomenon such as colouring flowers or pouring juice from one vessel to another by means of a straw.  Weronika

A pretty cool task was when I had to translate an interview with one of the exotarium workers. Maria.


Thanks to the project I learnt more about symmetry . Marcelina

Searching for symmetry, improving English , colouring flowers , collaborating with other partnership schools; there are  things

I have never learnt before. Karolina


It was my first experience with Sketch-up program . I find it interesting because it lets me to do all types of 3D drawings… my favourite part of the project was to participate in a video-conference to share ideas with others. Hubert



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Very nice poster. Congratulation !

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