Logical-mathematical intelligence

 This intelligence is most often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking. It has to do with both inductive and deductive logic, the ability to detect patterns, abstractions, with reasoning, numbers and critical thinking, but  it is also connected to having the capacity to understand the underlying principles of some kind of causal system and can refer to an individual’s ability to do things with data: collect, and organize, analyze and interpret, conclude and predict. It was studied and documented by Piaget. Students with this type of intelligence like working with numbers and patterns, excel at drawing conclusions from gathered data, to ask questions and conduct experiments. They are good at using symbols such as mathematical symbols, scientific symbols and by using ‘scientific logic’ or reasoning to link ideas, they look for logic, order and consistency. These pupils are usually analytic learners, they prefer to break mathematical ideas to be learnt into small parts and work on each part at a time, and finally reconnect the parts to each other in a logical manner into a mental picture.


Teachers can empower this intelligence by encouraging the use of computer programming languages, critical-thinking activities, linear outlining, science-fiction scenarios, logic puzzles, and the use of logical/sequential presentation of subject matter.The challenge when teaching these students is avoiding boredom.

Workshop in FRANCE  ----> Create an App on your Android smartphone 



Activity 0 : Preparing ...


  • Gmail account needed
  • Download the free app MIT AI2 COMPANION from the playstore of your smartphone  (it will be used as an emulator of your program)
  • Sign in the AppInventor website



Activity 1 : Start to program

  • The activity is in french because of the high level of difficulty, but the software is in english !
  • Png image needed : Package of arrows



Activity 2 :

  • Building the robot and connecting in bluetooth



Activity 3 :


  • Programing the AIMS project app


You can download the final application AIMS project 




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The house of codes !



Just look for the #sectioneurobazin in AurasmaStudio, and follow all the students !


First, decode it with your brain, and ...


... then scan with your AurasmaApp the slides to decode the messages !!






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Great, we will! emoticon

Posted on 02/06/15 21:26.

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All the slides of the house of CODES are on the files gallery !! have fun !!

Posted on 02/06/15 21:28 in reply to Irina Vasilescu.

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Can't believe you even made an AIMS app! Good job ;)

Posted on 15/06/15 18:23.

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