Topic of Bari: let's protect our monuments!



 Do you maybe have a favorite monument? Let us know it! Is it a Roman one? or not?



In any case tell us something about it and explain us why it is important to protect monuments.  


It is better if you chose a monument in your region and you use pictures you took by yourself.


In this activity you have to create a video, a poster or a spot to promote monuments or the monument you have adopted. You can use windows movie maker to create videos and Biteslide, Newhive or Buncee   for your poster.


Then you have to upload your video in youtube, vimeo or similar and finally include your post in the blog of this page using the embed code (see below).


You can add your suggestions to recover monuments in the forum below.


You can do this activity alone or creating a team. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy this activity!




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The monuments we want to protect
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Templo de Diana

Acueducto de los Milagros, Mérida. Rubén Delfa y Manuel García.
Alcántara Roman Bridge

Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe (Video)

Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe


Templo Diana - Mérida

Alcazaba of Mérida
Aco de Trajano- Mérida.



By Elena and Stefano

Roman Aqueduct of Mérida
teatro romano de merida
The temple of Diana
Visite Egnazia, a wonderful Roman town!
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Could you propose us suggestions to recover and increase the value of the monuments and remains for Society?
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