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Our classroom like the ancient platonic Academy - Marina di Carrara 3B

...Talking about  DEFINITION


The roots of european philosophy: 


What features should have a mathematical definition? 

What features should have a historical definition?


Pupils discuss among themselves.

Malaspina Castle - Marina di Carrara 2B

We visited Malspina Castle in Massa.


For details you can see:


and then student's reports.


ROOTS: in this castle stayed great figures of European Histor, in particular Charles VIII, king of France and the Emperor Charles V.

Winner team of Geography games - Marina di Carrara 2B

Some our students played with maps and quizzes about World, Europe and Italy.
Costanza, Lisa, Maria and Alessia won!!!


We can suggest to our partners the web games where we studied.


In our opinion they are very amusing!

The sport and the Shoah - Marina di Carrara 3B

We started a new thread:

- sports and shoah

- sports and war

- history of the world cup


Birth of national monarchies - Marina di Carrara 2B

In Europe

- comparison between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries

- comparison between national states and regional states in the fifteenth century




Romanticism in Europe - Marina di Carrara 3B

At the suggestion of the Ionica, our cultural mediator, Elena, student from Iasi, red the poems of Eminescu, Romanian poet.
We will compare the Romantic poets in Europe.

Charlie hebdo - Lafrançaise

 Voici le lien vers le site du collège de lafrançaise :

Freedom of Press - Charlie Hebdo - Marina di Carrara 3B

Comparison of freedom of Press between:


French Constitution of 1795

- Albertine Statute of 1848

- Italian Constitution (1948)


Pupils talked about the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

Bildung Roman - novel of formation - Marina di Carrara 3B

Europe's roots: BILDUNGSROMAN


According with Dilthey's definition (1906).


I suggested to my pupils:


- J Salinger, Il giovane Holden

- Uhlman, L'amico ritrovato

- N. Ammanniti, Io non ho paura

- E. Brizzi, Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo

- A. De Carlo, Due di due



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