The song of your life

Have you ever heard a song that made you moved, laugh, a song which has filled you inside?


Have you ever heard a song dozens of times?


Well , this is the song that we are looking for: The song of your life!


In this activity you have to create a post in the blog of this page (see below) and include a song (from youtube, vimeo, or similar using the embed code) explaining into English what this song is especially for you.


On the other hand, we are looking for a song for our hero Marcus. In this case you have to propose a really nice song according to his features and his incredible life. If you want, you can explore Jamendo. Or , if you prefer, You can COMPOSE THIS SONG!!!



You have to include your suggestion in this wall.

In case you prefer to compose a song, please, upload your song to Soundcloud and share it on our blog (You can find the embed code following the steps: all comments > share > embed code).


Later we will choose 5 songs and all of us will vote the best one.


Enjoy with this activity: It ‘s the song of your life...and Marcus’ life!


Cheerleader - OMI


I choose this song because I gives me good vibes ;)

I think Marcus with this song the feeling that he feels when he knows he is doing for the world best describe you

My song, Sara Romero

This song is veeery special for me because the lirics is about friends and the importance of them in our life
Imagine john Lennon

 For me Imagine of John Lennon is a really important song. It reminds me a lot of souvenir. The lyrics are about peace and brotherhood. John Lennon imagines a world with no wars and no violence and i think it's a beautiful message for everybody. The song is calm and listen it to fall a sleep or just to relax. There is a great melody. I think everybody has already listen it because it's a famous song sings by a great artist.

Marcus Poncius Symphony

I worked hard to compose this soundtrack, I hope that you like it.

Greetings, Beppe

pokemon un jour je serai le meilleur dresseur


We chose this song because it is the song of our youngness. We never missed an episode of Pokemon !!

Kendji Girac

Kendji Girac




Andalouse is a music where we can sing and dance so much. It's our favorite music because we love guitar and it's really rythmical. Kendji it's our favorite french singer. He won « The voice » in 2013 and that's was the beginning of his career. He won two music awards. Andalouse was the music of summer 2014 for everybody and this music was played in clubs.


Zaz - Je veux


I like this song because it remind me a lot of greats remembers, when we were in Turkey, that's the song we always sang in music class, in bus, in the last night at the party,... It really became THE french song everybody knows. I really enjoy this travel, that's why when I heard this song, I remember all my friends I met there and I can’t avoid to smile. ;D

I put the lyrics, so let's sing !! ;)

Song for Marcus
Find You | Zedd


I like this song because i love the lyrics, and the song in general. It make me feel high and happy.


16 añitos- Dani Martin



Because I like this singer.

 Cause I think this songs explain perfectly how Marcus will be.

A drop in the ocean - Ron Pope
i like this song because it appears in the vampires diaries, one of my favourites series.
Laurent Voulzy : Rockcollection
This song contains many songs I enjoy : Bob Dylan, The beattles, The Rolling stones... and it lets me remember the teenagers thinkings of the seventeens.
The song of my life

 because i like the lyrics

The song of my life

 This is the song of my life. I have chosen this song as the song of my life because it's really beautiful for me, and it brings to me a lot of good memories. The artist is one of my idols.


The song of my life


Esta Es Una de misnciones favoritas porque es rap que es lo ínico que escucho y porque trata de la libertad y de la igualdad


Y yo elijo esta canción para la vida porque Marcus in spite of being dificult to understand it talks about liberty and equality for all peolpe.

Song of my life

I like this song because motivates me


The song of your life

 I have selectionated this song becouse

 is a beautiful song and the artist who dances is a real madrid footballer.



Into the West-Annie Lennox


This is the song of my life because his handwriting is very nice and makes me feel at peace. Also belongs to my favorite film, The Return of the King. I think it's wondeful!


Applause-Lady Gaga

 This is my favourite song because this is how i feel or maybe this is how i want to feel. Also because i like Gaga. It is very difficul to choose only one song because i have lots of favourite songs, but this is one of my favourites. Hope you like it.



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