Meeting in Utiaca, Gran Canaria, December 2014


Meeting in Utiaca, Gran Canaria

Here you can see some videos and photos of our Meeting in Utiaca, Gran Canaria

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On this month of December we have had a Piece of a Whole Comenius meeting at CEIP Utiaca. 27 people from 6 different countries have come and enjoyed lots of activities and important places of San Mateo and Gran Canaria. We will like to thank our teachers, parents and students, our partners and all the institutions that have helped us.


Sunday December the 7th


Monday, December the 8th


Tuesday, December the 9th


Wednesday, December the 10th


Thursday, December the 11th


Friday & Saturday, December the 13th & 14th

French team: Meeting in Utiaca, Gran Canaria