Category 16 years to 19 years : presentation of experiments on light.


Experiment with solar cells
Colegiul Tehnic Energetic, Romania

Our pupils involved in this project: a team of 9th graders and 10 th graders

Elisei Morariu                          Andrei Nicoara

Pirvu Rares                             Ovidiu Barb

Iordache Radu                          Raul Stoica

Dorian Toda                         Christopher Raica

Bârsan Andrei                         Bobanga Sergiu

Neagu Denis


My name is Elisei Morariu I am 16  years old.I am in the 9th grade at Energetic Technical College.I live in Avrig a small town near Sibiu.I like playing basketball and listening to music.



My name is Bobanga Sergiu , i am 15 years old , i live in Sibiu but i'm from Racovița , a small village near Sibiu , about 20km. My passion is rap music , i listen to it very much and i write lyrics sometimes , after music i love football , i `ve practiced performance football about 5 years .


I am Bârsan Andrei,i am 15 years old,i am tall i got 1,75 meters my hair is brown, my eyes are brown. I am in the ninth grade at Energetic Technical College at Informatics and Mathematics. My favourtie class is Biology because when i was a little i wanted to know evrything about human body,i like physics class to because it study all the forces and the events on this planet, chemistry is my favourite class because is the class which study the substants on the earth.I am a very good student and i like school very much.



My name is Neagu Denis. I am fifteen years old and I love science. I want to know everything about universe and what exists. I love french fries, programming, video games and also nature.



My name is Rares, i am 15 years old and i learn at Energetic Technical College.

My favorite class is informatics because i get to learn what i always wanted and also i have a great teacher.

I also love pizza, cakes, video games, programming and a lot of other things.

I hope that in the future i can get a job in a developing company.

In the end i would want to say that this little project was fun and i would gladly do it again!                                            Written by Pirvu Rares, 9 A


My name is Radu Iordache and I live in Sibiu. I study at Energetic Technical College. I've entered this high school because I like computers and I want to learn more about them. My favourite classes are English and TIC, but I also like Logics and Romanian. I hope that in the future, I will extend my English knowledge, because I'm sure it will help me communicate with people all around the world. When I'll grow up, I would like to become a software programmer or a software engineer. In my spare time, I like to play on the computer and ride my bike in the nearby park.


Hi, I’m Dorian Toda I live  in Sibiu and I am 17 years old. I’m studying at and I`m in the 10 th grade at  Energetic Technical College and I don’t have brothers or sisters.

I’m a friendly and tidy person. I like to ride my bike and I like to go out with my friends. I practice swimming since I was a little child and I like very much, but also I like to play basketball. My hobby is “dogs” and I have a dog. My breed dog is “Fox Terrier “ he is a hunting dog and he has a lot energy. Also I like to read books and play computer games and more than. I like school and   my favorite subjects are English, German, History, Romanian, and Biology. In the future I like to go to studying to Computer Engineering University or Management University or Medicine University but still I don’t have to decide what I chose. So that’s who I am.                                                                                                   

Andrei Nicoara

My name is Andrei Nicoara and I study at Energy Technical College student Sibiu. At the moment I am in the tenth grade and I want to graduate school to continue my studies. In my free time I like to go out with friends, otherwise I still love spending time playing on my computer and listening to music on the radio.


Hi my name is Ovidiu from Romania and I live in Sibiu.

I can say I came by chance at this school, because I sensed something, but then I started to realize that it is the right place for me. I am a student at Energy Technical College where I spend about 8 hours a day.

School is based on a field that I like very much since I was little, electronics and automation, and for me it is more than a passion, but may in the near future be my future profession.

I am a fair person, strong, sociable, modest and quiet. I am creative.  I like team work I like everything to be always perfect.

I have a changing personality, but sometimes when I’m not sure of myself I have to be pushed from behind.

In my free time I like to discover new things, to realize electronic circuit, make sports and I love to watch comedy movies. Sometimes computer games, but not very often because I have no time.

          On weekends I like to cook, especially cakes, that passion I inherited from my father who is a chef. I have a younger brother with whom I get along well sometimes, he is 13 years old and likes to spend time on the computer. The mother is the person who always understands me and supports me in what I do. For me my family is the most important.





My name is Raul Stoica , I am 16 years old and I have one sister. I live in Sibiu and I go to Energetic Technical College. I am an energetic boy who likes to talk and laugh a lot. I love dogs, but i haven't got one at home. My hobby is tennis, which I practice for 2 years, but I love all sports. In my free time I love to play computer games or to go out with my friends.




My name is Christopher Raica, I live in Sibiu, Romania. I’m a student at “Colegiul Tehnic Energetic” where I study electronics. I am 16 years old and my goal in life is to become an electronist and have my own business.  My hobbies are cycling, building new things that require electronics knowledge and listening to music. My favorite lesson is the basics of electronics because I like very much to know more about what I’m building. I like to discover how things work and how they are built. Since I was a little kid I have been tearing apart all my toys to see how they work and my parents always told me that I’m not doing the right thing when I torn apart all of them. I always laugh; I’m a positive person, very ambitious and very excited to learn new things.


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