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Every team (country) will be responsible for one outcome of MAVEN project.

These outcomes will be presented on this page.

Activity "Mathematicians'&Writers'Club - Latvia;

Activity "Meet Experts" - Slovenia;

Activity "Math without borders" - Spain;

Activity "MAVEN cinema" - Poland;

Activity "English meets Math"&MAVEN guids" - Czech;

Activity "Virtual Lessons" - Romania;

Activity "MAVEN calendar" - Estonia;

Activity "Evaluation&Hall of fame" - Bulgaria;



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English meets Maths - activity evaluation from Czech team

Virtual lessons - Evaluation (Romania)
Films - the results of the project - films prepared by the students and the teachers from Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Spain

The set of English tests created by Mr.Quick
The set of Math tests created by Calculator 3000
Our Book "The legend of MAVEN's adventures". Final version
Maths without borders EVALUATION (Spain)

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