Ancient Facebook

What if  ancient Roman and  Greek people had used Facebook?




Let us discover many famous classical characters of our Comenius Partners and create their facebook pages !






If you are from Bari

choose characters related to « Hispania » or « Lusitania », as Argantonius, Viriatus ..., Indíbilus y Mandonius, Hasdrubal, Hannibal Barca, Hamilcar, Scipio Africanus, Marcus Valerius Martialis, Hadrianus...


If you are from Montijo,

choose characters related to Sicily, as Cicero, Archimedes, Arethusa, Polyphemus, Hephaïstos, Charybdes and Scylla, Enceladus, Galatea...


If you are from Catania,

choose characters related to « Gallia »,as Ogmios (a celtic god), Brennus, Julius Caesar (against the « Veneti »), Vercingétorix, Eponina ( and her husband Sabinus), Decimus Magnus Ausonius  , the imperator Claudius, the lady of Wix, .. and of course the funny Asterix and Obelix ;-)


If you are from Auray,

choose characters related to Ancient « Anatolia » as Alexander, Hector, Paris, Anchises, Aeneas, Hercules, Midas, Cresus..


If you are from Zonguldak,

choose characters related to Bari, as Aeneas,  Romulus,  Mucius Scaevola, Horatius Cocles, Clelia, Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Publius Vergilius Maro, Publius Ovidius Naso, Marcus Antonius, Spartacus, Nero....


Steps of this activity



    1) Searching


    Browse the internet to know more about your character.
    You need to look at different kinds of websites : a magazine, an encyclopaedia , a book of the ancient literature, a general website...
    Choose the different parts of his/her biography that seems interesting, and some pictures of course.


2) The Facebook page

    Using those elements you gathered, imagine the Facebook page of your character :

    • Who are his friends ?

    • What status does he post ?

    • Does he invite some friends to some events ?

    • Does he write comments on his friends' walls ? And vice versa ?...



3) Post your fake Facebook

Save your fake facebook page in a file format .pdf in the File archive (see below)

You can Use an Open Office or Libre office document (or some text processing else) and drawing tools of course.

You will find facebook icons in the File Gallery



If you'd like to do this activity using a new tool, you could use

In this case follow the steps:

1. every pupil have to sign up in
2. You need to upload the template (see below)  and enlarge it so that it fills the entire page.
3. Then you have to  add text, images, etc above this image.
4. When they have finished, they have to save as pdf.file and upload to the folder we have added in this page (see below)


File archive

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