Meeting in Spain-Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence


Treasure Hunt in Avila
A - thank you so much - from the Dutch students.

Three Students From Amsterdam in Spain

Claudia and Iulia about the meeting
Meeting Evaluation



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Alexandra's Diary
Goodbye Messages on our TwinTown
AIMS Math Ballet

 Despite the lack of time to rehearse together, teams managed to create a choreography for Maths. It was the last activity in the visit. Dancers performed in a highly collaborative way.



Madrid de los Austrias. A cultural visit

AIMS Treasure Hunt in Ávila
AIMS at the ICMAT in Madrid

Ávila in Mathematical Steps

A souvenir from your stay and activity in Ávila



Math Steps in Avila
AIMS Friends


Not only work but friendship



AIMS Friends from Valentina Cuadrado on Vimeo.

Ballet rehearsals in Bucharest

 Claudia, Iulia and Alexandra

 have been working for the ballet with their PE teacher, Mrs. Alina Vrinceanu, under the coordination of their Math teacher, Monica Corbus. Here they are preparing for the meeting!


AIMS BALLET RO from Irina Vasilescu on Vimeo.

Math Ballet Music

Everything you need to start creating your own MATH Ballet.

Math Ballet

The audiofile for the general part is here.


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