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7th Wonder - Pernštejn




Pernštejn Castle is one of the most important and most beautiful castles in Moravia. Since the mid-13th century was the seat of the Lords of Pernštejn, who for centuries played an important role in the political affairs of the kingdom. Gothic castle was until the mid-16th century, rebuilt several times and particularly extended.
We visited the castle, we were photographs. In school, we talked about the castle, we watched film. We also produced a paper castles.
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Nasz siódmy cud jest Pałac Anny Wazówny. Była księżniczka, która mieszkała w Brodnicy. Była siostrą Zygmunta III Wazy. Pałac został wybudowany w 1564 roku używany  ściany jednego z budynków należących do dawnego zamku krzyżackiego. Jest to najstarszy budynek w naszym mieście, w którym znajduje się biblioteka publiczna.



Uczniowie pracują ...



Work students in Brodnica...


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Slovakia has discovered - Hammam

 Turkish bath in Trenčianske Teplice



To find, the most interesting historical place in our region, is very easy. Everybody, who visits our region, admires Hammam for sure. Hammam used to be a tub bath in the past for the rich nobility and financial magnates. Today it is available not only to spa guests but also for general public. Guests of the spa use it as a place for relaxation and massages.



History of this major construction began at time when the former owner of the spa – Iphigenia de Castries d'Harcourt, saw the model of a luxurious Turkish bath at the World Exhibition in Paris. She was amazed by it. Therefore she traveled to Egypt and asked the viceroy Izmail for permission to build Hammam also in Trenčianske Teplice. Izmail accepted her request and sent his court architect along with her to Trenčianske Teplice. Hammam, which in Arabic means a bath, was finished in 1888 and the building was unprecedented in Europe.








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The St. Lazarus' church


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