September equinox


Kaohsiung - CCAFPS ,Taiwan



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CCAFPS students had a cloudy day record, they said sorry to Eric that they couldn't achieve the mission. They sent me the photos last Sun, but I was too busy to upload during the whole week, sorry. Share with all of you their measurement photos.


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Ljubljana, Slovenia 26 sept

Rio de Janeiro 26 sept

Tunis, Tunisia 25 sept

Rio de Janeiro 25 sept

Vinhedo Brazil, 24 sept

Rio de Janeiro 24 sept

Ioannina Greece 24 sept


Lafrançaise, France 23 sept


Dholpur, India 23sept


Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 23 sept



Litjia Slovenia, 23 sept


Tunis, Tunisia 23 sept


Medvode, Slovenia 23 sept


Meerut, India 23 sept

Paysandú Uruguay, 23 sept


Vodice Slovenia, 23 sept


Smithtown USA, 22 sept

Lafrançaise, France 22 sept


Ioannina Greece 22 sept


Tunis, Tunisia 22 sept


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