collaborative drama



 7 plays were created and performed in different partner countries, where children and teachers worked together in mixed nationality teams, including elements from varied cultures. We´ve chosen our favourite one:



"Once Upon a Forest"


By children and teachers from Greece, Lithuania and UK working in team number 1:











To see more, go to children pages in wiki below.





We used  Moway robots for one month taking part in the project from the Canary Islands Educational Authorities:


Our Moway robots joined our learning situation Once Upon an Island nos lleva al teatro"  which will take us to celebrate World Theatre Day on the 27th March with the play "Platero and Koziolek Matolek in La Route Du Rhum", presented to the Canarian School Libraries Net:


La Route Du Rhum is an element introduced in the play  by French pupils from  Guadeloupe, École Mixte Grand Camp; It´s a ship race in which our cute and cuddly Platero, Spanish character by Juan Ramón Jiménez,  and Koziolek Matolek, by Kornel Makusynski, from Poland, will take part.

Pupils at CEIP San José Artesano decided to introduce Moway robots as sailing ships at La Route Du Rhum and write their own Moway user guide.





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