Collaborative poems to illustrate by partners


Children from partner schools exchange poems to illustrate and create a joint poetry book.





UK - Italy team 10 - Autumn poems


Autumn Wind

When autumn wind goes running

It does some magic things.

It gives the shadows dancing shoes,

It gives the bright leaves wings -

When autumn wind goes running.

It curls the bonfire's tail of smoke

And shares a little whispered joke

With cornstalks who delight to prattle,

It turns a seed pod into a rattle 

When autumn wind goes running.





Dancing Leaves

Red leaves and yellow leaves

Orange leaves and brown

Leaves are dancing everywhere

Happily dancing down

Little leaves, little leaves,

High up in the trees,

Little leaves, little leaves,

Swinging in the breeze.


Autumn comes along and they change from red to brown 

Winter comes along and they flutter to the ground.



Team 4 Cyprus Poland


author: Jan Brzechwa



Piotruś wasn’t at the school today,

Antek made a hole in the table,

Wanda stained the tablecloth,

Zosia didn’t wash her neck,

Jurek lost his key, and Wacek

Ate the whole cake from the table.

- Who is asking you about all of it?

- Nobody, I am a tell – tale.




- Piotruś nie był dzisiaj w szkole,

Antek zrobił dziurę w stole,

Wanda obrus poplamiła,

Zosia szyi nie umyła,

Jurek zgubił klucz, a Wacek

Zjadł ze stołu cały placek.

- Ktoś się ciebie o to pyta?

- Nikt, Ja jestem skarżypyta.

Team 7 Spain France Italy



Nursery Rhyme for all children,
for the
Italians and the Abyssinians,
for the
Russians and the British,
Americans and the French,
those who are black such as coal,
those who are red like a brick,
those who are yellow in China
where it’s evening if here it’s morning.
those who are in the middle of the ice
sleep in a bag of  rags,
those who live in the forest
where monkeys always make party
those who are from here or there,
in the
countryside or in the city,
children around the world
who make a big circle,
with their hands in the hands,
 on the
parallels and meridians ...



Team 1 Spain Lithuania Italy


Se dibuja un redondel con un lápiz o un pincel,

con mucho pelo,

mucho moño,

ojos, cejas y un retoño;

nariz chata de alpargata,

las orejas como almejas,

los pendientes, relucientes,

las pestañas como arañas,

la boca de pitiminí,

Doña Sara es así.




A circle is drawn with a pencil or a brush,

with long hair

big bun

eyes, eyebrows and a branch;

espadrille flat nose,

ears as clams,

glittering earrings,

eyelashes like spiders,

small tiny mouth,

Mrs Sara is li

Team 1 Spain Lithuania Italy

Dvi varlytės


Dvi varlytės lankoje

Tarp žolių tupėjo,

Į mėnulį vakare

Jos liūdnai žiūrėjo.


Atskubėjęs takeliu

Žiogas apsistojo,

Su žaliuoju smuikeliu

Ėmė ir užgrojo.


Vos išgirdo jį staiga

Žaliosios varlytės,

Ėmė šokti jos tada

Kol išaušo rytas.



Two little Frogs


Two little Frogs in the meadow

among the grass sat there,

and they looked at the moon

at night sad.


The Grasshopper ran down the pathway,

stayed near

and began to play

the green violin.


Just heard him suddenly

Little green Frogs,

they began to dance

until came morning.

Team 1 Spain Lithuania Italy




Se il sole canta,
canta piano piano,
e sottovoce intona un canto quieto.

Con ogni raggio
arriva là, lontano
per rivelare a tutti il suo segreto.

Risplende sempre
come una speranza
che si rinnova all’alba di ogni giorno

quando discreto
entra in una stanza
che poi abbandona per farvi ritorno

Il sole canta
e sa farsi sentire
e la sua voce è una grande luce

E quando
si avvicina l’imbrunire
spegne ogni suono e trova la sua pace.


by Giovannella Massari  (teacher in our Infant School)



"If the sun sings"


If the sun sings,

he sings softly

and subheading sings a quiet song.

With each ray

it arrives  there,  far away

to find out its secret to everyone.

Always it shines

as a hope

that   renew itself at  the sunrise of everyday

when discrete it walks

into a room

which then abandon it and then go back again.

The sun sings

and it knows how to make itself felt

and its voice is a great light.

And when

 it is coming the twilight

turn off each sound and  finds  its peace.



Team 14 Cyprus - Italy


After the rain comes the sun,

Shines in the sky the rainbow:

It is like a bridge decked with flags

And the sun goes above, celebrated.

It is beautiful to look with the nose up Its flags red and blue.

But you can see it - this is the evil –

After the storm only.

It would not be more convenient

Don't do the storm in any case?

A rainbow without the storm,

This would be a party truly.

It would be a party for all the earth Make peace before the war.