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Thinking of the light ...brainstorming activity

from 4th Junior High School in Petroupoli



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1. Light .... is 300.000 km/s

5. There is a great variety of them that  produce light

8. A ...... is a region where light from a light source is obstructed by an opaque object

12. ....... is when light hits an object and part of its energy goes into the material of the object

13. The main source of light on Earth




2. Duality of light means that it exhibits properties of both wave and....

3. Direction that light travels

4.   ......... is an instrument that aids in the observation of remote objects

6.  .... happens for the part of the light that doesnt "stay" into an object when light hits the object

7.  Light is seen as ... and simultanously as consisted of particles

9.  The study of light,......, is an important research area in modern physics

10.  The subject of our etwinning project

11. .... reflect light and also are used for personal grooming



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Griškabūdis Gymnasium, Lithuania
Griškabūdis Gymnasium, Lithuania
Griškabūdis Gymnasium, Lithuania

Griškabūdis Gymnasium, Lithuania

Presentation from Torelló, Catalunya


Presentation from Jesenice

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