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For the first video conference we suggest to limit our conversation with 10 personal questions (each students'pair will ask each other 10 personal questions - What is you name? How old are you? What is your favorite subject? etc). After that each student introduce herself/himself, reading his/her acrostic poems with math terms.


The task for others students (sitting in classroom) will be to write down new Math terms in English, that they have never heard. After videoconference we will translate this terms, we will find definitions for them and we will present them in our Twinspace, creating quizes, surveys etc. on the page "English meets Math".


To find your partners for VC please use this DOODLE source or our forum on this page. After you find your partner, please write on the wall the details about your conference, as well as please create two folder (for images and for documents) in the File Archieve and in the Image Gallery (see below).



2.    ABC.

Each country chooses three letters, for example A, B, M. During the Skype conference they call one of them.

For example, B. One by one teams call words that are connected with Math and that begin with the letter B.

Wins the team that can call more words.



To improve writing skills  of our students, we can use BLIND DATA source. If you need help, you can visit this page. For each blind date conference we will creat 6 - 7 rooms for our students and will choose the topic for conversation (Math definitions, Introduce yourself etc).


Deadline: 30th October, 2014



Prepare 10 math tricks for your partners. For example, 1) think of a number; 2) add 3; 3) double that; 4) subtract 4; 5) cut that in half; 6) subtract your original number; 6) YOUR RESULT IS 1!!!


Deadline: 30th November, 2014



This template allows multiple players to answer multiple choice questions within multiple categories. The questions can be sorted by difficulty and accordingly give more game points. Create a quiz about numbers and use it during the videoconference. By the way you can use FlashMeeing for this purpose.


Deadline: 30th December, 2014



Prepare 5 pictures, drawed in the coordinate plane for your partners. Each team will dictate the coordinates of these pictures for the participants of other team during the Skype lesson. The example of the videoconference "Mystery drawing" you can find here

Deadline: 30th January, 2015


Follow Alesja Šapkova's board Coordinate plane on Pinterest.



Each team prepare three figures (for example, square, triangle , line). The task for partners is to find out this figure using yes/no questions. For example (for square) questions can be: 1) Is it quadrilateral? If answer is "yes", then 2) Does this quedrilateral have paralel sides? etc. 

Deadline: 28th February, 2015; 30th March, 2015



Each team prepare three triangles (for example, 1) isosceles and obtuse-angled; 2) scalene and right-angled; 3) equilateral and acute-angled triangles ). The task for partners is to find out what kind of triangle is, using yes/no questions. For example questions can be: 1) Are there 2 congruent sides in your triangle? 2) Is there right angle in you triangle etc. 

Deadline: 30th March, 2015



Each team prepare two quizzes powered by KAHOOT that are connected with information on our popplets "CONTINENT. Is there any connections with Matn?" During the conference students from different countries do KAHOOT tests online to find out the best students at this field.

Deadline: 30th April, 2015


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I like it.

Posted on 20/10/14 20:30.

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it is very long and smart work

Posted on 20/10/14 21:13.

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A very interesting experience!
Maybe we can repeat sometimes!
Dear Alesja, your ideas are great!

Posted on 09/11/14 05:44.

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i like it

Posted on 25/11/14 14:12.

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this is very funny

Posted on 28/11/14 16:49.

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I cant wait to do that again

Posted on 18/12/14 16:43.

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very good

Posted on 06/01/15 16:27.

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this is cool

Posted on 28/01/15 22:31.

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The Skype lesson "Mistery Drawing" was very funny and interesting!

Posted on 29/01/15 15:15.

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It was a challenge for us to participate at Skype VC "Mystery Triangles & Mystery Country". Great experience!

Posted on 09/04/15 12:22.

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I really enjoyed our conversations. It was fun emoticon

Posted on 08/06/15 11:59.

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Really good job.Thank you very much.

Posted on 08/06/15 12:20.

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Final VC. Report from Latvia.
Final videoconfeence Latvia-Slovenia-Spain-Poland

The videoconference "Mystery drawing". Latvia-Slovenia-Poland
VC "Mystery drawing". Latvia-Slovenia-Poland & Latvia-Spain

Skype lesson: Mistery drawing (Romania-Estonia)
Videoconference Multi user quiz Poland

FlashMeeting. Multi User Quiz. Poland-Latvia-Romania-Estonia.

Dear conference participants!

Please comment this presentation, using tools!



Skype video conference "Introduce yourself" Latvia - Romania 23/09/2014

VC Czech Republic- Belgium

We held a VC between Czech en Belgian students. We played a guess game. One chooses a number 0-100, two or more teams guess, this number. Afterwards the students had to guess animals.

VC "Mystery numbers". Latvia-Spain

These are our mystery numbers


VC "Mystery numbers". Latvia-Spain
Math Magic

Math Magic on PhotoPeach

The Power of Mathematics
The Power of Mathematics on PhotoPeach
Dear friends,

 You can go this link to see the glog, prepared by Slovenian team!


Math tricks. Some examples.

Blind Date Belgium_Latvia

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File archive

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