Module 6: What impact do you make? The aim of this module is to help students understand the impact they make, when presenting.

Each school does the following:

1. In groups, students prepare a three minute presentation on a topic of their choice. It could be related to their study, or any other interests they may have. They think about the structure, content and how to make it  engaging to their audience.

2.They give their presentation to their classmates, or anyone who is willing to give them feedback. There is a template for them to record this feedback Feedback form for presentation.pdf (you can find it in the files archive) so they can get some views on how their presentation went. Optionally, taking this feedback into account they complete the Self-reflection on presentation.pdf  (in the files archive) in which they will identify what went well and what they could develop further in terms of their presentation skills. The presentations are videotaped.

Alternatively, the students could create a PowerPoint, Voicethread or Prezi Presentation and record their comments.
Deadline: 03/4/2015

3. The students vote for the best presentation.

4. The winners from each school upload the video of their presentation in youtube.

Each school votes for the best presentation, using triciderand justifying their choice, using the feedback form.

Deadline: 03/4/2015

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Dear Partners and Students,

this is a wall for all our schools where we can give the links to our YouTube presentations. Each school will upload the presentation voted for by its students.




Vote for the best presentation!!!

Dear Students,

After watching all the presentations uploaded to the Padlet wall, you can vote for your favourite one here! 

Think carefully about all the ideas presented in the Feedback form. Do the presentations meet the requirements outlined there?

Have fun and may the best win!




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