Project Description

Project Idea

You and your partners have claimed an uninhabited island as a new country. You must collaborate to make the following decisions and accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Name the country
  3. Design a flag
  4. Choose a national animal
  5. Choose a national plant
  6. Write a national song
  7. Create any laws that you feel are necessary

EXTRA TASK: Sharing Christmas/New Year wishes



The students will create the profile of a new country. They will apply their knowledge of English as a foreign language to carry out their tasks. They will produce oral and short written texts related to their imaginary country’s special features. They will collaborate in order to create joined products (e.g. one flag, one national animal etc.).


Student Age: up to 9


 Romania, Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey,  Croatia, Moldova