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Greetings from 4th Junior High School in Petroupoli
Lithuania Griškabūdis Gymnasium


Small but sound Lithuania

It seems that Lithuania is one of Europe`s best kept secrets. Most people`s knowledge about this country is a little fuzzy. So here`s something more about Lithuania.

Lithuania is a small country with population close to 3 million and only 300 km across, so we can drive from one side to other in less than 5 hours. Lithuanians are proud of country`s rich history which dates back a thousand years. Our language is one of the oldest living Indo-European languages in the world and has common origin with Sanskrit. Lithuania is also home to some of the most untouched nature in Europe: emerald green meadows, towering forests, tranquil rivers and crystal clear lakes, the Baltic Sea with its golden beaches and medieval castles which remind us of our glorious past and fights for freedom.

This small patch of land is also home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Curonian Spit – the highest drifting sand dune in Europe, The Hill of Crosses – an incredible symbol of Christian faith, Kernavė archeological remains of historical Lithuania`s capital and historic centre of current capital city Vilnius – one of the oldest surviving medieval old towns in Europe. It is the northern most baroque city in Europe and the last Catholic country in the East.

And on the whole – Lithuania is just a wonderful place to live, to make friends and to hang out.

In the south-western part of Lithuania you can find Šakiai district. One of the biggest towns of the district is Griškabūdis with its Gymnasium. This is the place where we gather not only to study and develop our knowledge in different fields but also to have fun and good time. It`s a small school with about 400 students and 40 teachers. We`re small but work big! There are a lot of different extracurricular activities that we can attend and improve our selves. We can play basketball, dance, paint, learn languages or how to survive in the wild nature! And that`s not all. Our teachers are very active and take part in a variety of project including . Teachers always involve a lot of students in all the project and it`s a great way not only to find out something new related to school subjects like Math or Biology but also to hang out with our teachers and to get to know them better. We are so lucky to learn at our Gymnasium!



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Welcome to Collège Notre-Dame (Lisieux) - FRANCE

Colegiul Tehnic Energetic is a Technical College, founded in 1966, with the main aim to train pupils in domains such as: energetics, electricity, automation and electronics. Nowadays, our school offers many other programmes as electrotechnics, telecommunications, mathematics and computer sciences, and electromechanics.

The school`s programmes have been constantly adjusted to accommodate our students` needs as well as the needs and development of the job market.

Our school is one of the most prominent educational institution in the county in the fields of electricity and electronics, priding itself on being able to offer top class equipment and qualified teachers, and also being competitive in training pupils in computer science.

We have also developed partnerships with many local companies in view of ensuring our pupils` practical training, study scholarships for them, and work places during school breaks and when graduating.


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My name is Lenka Hlinstakova and Iam from  little town in South Bohemia  - from Volyně. Ma students are from 15 to 19 years old. Our line educations are social care, ekonomie, public administration and natural lyceeum and confectioner.

The school provides a place for Fair Trade products in its sweetshop and every year one whole school is open to presentations, lectures, films and exhibitions as well as possibility to buy the products. Each classroom offers another possibility, each class is engaged in some of the issues…

It is equipped with up-to-date multimedia technique and interactive boards (smart boards). Free internet during the whole day.

English, French, Spanish, German and Russian languages are taught; additionally sign language. Native speakers.

State exam in typing is possible to take right at school, as well as in foreign languages. Newly there is a possibility to be prepared or just take FCE certificate. The school is a trial centre for taking an Austrian language diploma ÖSD - Zertifikat Deutsch, Grundstufe Deutsch, Mittelstufe Deutsch. These exams are valid in all Europe.
Further activities: Adaptation Days, Ski Trainings, International Projects, cooperation with foreign schools. Special days for each of the taught languages – including lectures and all-day food in the school canteen.

Students Home: Glost oven available for the pottery group; there is a fitness room, billiards, table tennis, DVD, video and TV . Hobby groups incl. the school choir.

Accommodation and meals provided.











Greeting from Riga, Latvia!

My name is Ilze Mazjūle.  I am a Deputy head from Riga 169. preschool educational institution branch. As teacher I 'm working 15 years. I love my job and children.
Our institution visits 208 children aged 1.5 to 7 years.
Our institution has 10 groups.
So our school year start tomorrow-the 1th September  - day of Knowledge.
Dear colleagues, I wish you everyone  creative, ideas and fun filled new school year!
So you have to be willing activeworking and inquisitive kids! :)
On Thursday I will talk on teacher  meeting with the teacher about this project. We will think about - how to integreat a Light thema in our study- play-learn - year. :) 
I wish all of us together for fun and experiencefull collaboration!
Rīgas 169.pirmsskolas izglītības iestādes filiāle


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