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hello hello!

 Project is interesting, but I wolud like to know little more about it... What does it mean "theme of light'? Is it for example: using bulb or sun shining...? what kind of information can we add to TwinSpace from September to December? Please help... Greetings from Poland

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I have the same problem.

Posted on 31/08/14 17:11.

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Hello everyone and welcome to celebrate the year of light.

Light : using bulb, sun, or by using all types of lights. The objective is to present the final one of the properties of light by experience

For the first time, to my knowledge, this project will bring together the three age categories.
This will allow children to expand their knowledge.

Here is the schedule for the new project:

. From September to December: Each class should look when trying to use the theme of light.

From January to April: each team must perform an experiment and place the video or photos on the site. Other teams can ask questions or make comments.

In May: the vote. There will be three categories that correspond to age groups.

I hope it suits your schedule.
I'm sure we'll have fun in this new project.

I am still waiting for answers from other partners. For now, we are 12 countries working on this project. You can invite partners from other countries if you like.


Posted on 01/09/14 20:34 in reply to Maja Głuchowska.

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