End of our project
Hi everyone!
Here is the end of our project. Thank you all for your work is very bright!
This Monday, our mentor, Mr. Galfard, will give her favorite experience ...
I think you may deposit your national quality label application, starting next week.
I have added pages to the project blog for clearer presentation.

Feel free to send me your comments or advice. 



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deadline !

Hello everyone!
The project deadline approach.

All the documents are great and very interresting!

Now for everyone to give advice, I suggest everyone to comment on the blog:

You can give your opinion, ask questions, ...

Then please check if I put all the documents, please indicate in comments the category in which you are registered: 5/11 years, 12/15 years or 16/19 years.

We must write the reviews before May 31

You have to vote between June 1 and June 4 for their favorite submission in each category. You must send your vote to the following
Of course, a team can not vote for their experience!
Each pupil and teacher can vote.

Results will be announced on June 8


Best regards



"Happy Birtday eTwining"

Primary School of Lardos wishes happy birthday with a fun way!!!






Watch our video!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday wishes from 4th Junior High School in Petroupoli


Game of Shadow

Students of third grade during a project, played with their shadow and try to imagine what were those shapes!



Escola Rocaprevera, Torelló, ESPAGNE

What does light mean to me?


Click here to watch how our students answered the question:
What does light mean to me?


French Team

 Do not forget to make your presentations before the end of January!

This project can be a great project if all partners involved! Thank you to all those who have placed their presentation.

After January, the experiments can be brought online.

I hope that at the end of January, the 50 presentations have been made to celebrate together this year of light.

Merry Christmas to all and a very good year, full of light.
Hello from Sieraków

 Hello! Nice to work with you. I already have an idea what w

e will do.

Hello from Treviso-Italy!

 Hello everyone,

Happy to join the project with you all.

We are an artistic school and would like to would like to describe and realize the experiments on light in an unusual way, may be with paintings and artistic installation.

Bye Monia

Voice from Poland

 Hello from Poland. Nice to EXPLORE with you new TS :))


Hello there!
Thanks for the invitation to participate in the project. My students are between 15 and 19 years. I think that they  would be interested in participating in the project. I wait to meet with them and ask them to imagine an experiment. We start classes until September 15.
I hope we hear soon

Hi from Castellar del Vallès, Barcelona

 Hi everyone!

We are very happy to join this project. My pupils are aged 11-12 and we will start this course on Setember 16th! Our school is in Castellar del Vallès, a village near Barcelona,

Hope to hear from you soon!


hello hello!

 Project is interesting, but I wolud like to know little more about it... What does it mean "theme of light'? Is it for example: using bulb or sun shining...? what kind of information can we add to TwinSpace from September to December? Please help... Greetings from Poland




I Start classes in september 15, the schedule is perfect for me.


Can you tell me the age of the three categories?


The episode four of the Cosmo series (National Geograph - Remake) is about light. I found it very interesting. Maybe it will be useful.


Best Regards


Raquel Forca

Welcome !

 Hello everyone and welcome to celebrate the year of light. 


For the first time, to my knowledge, this project will bring together the three age categories. 
This will allow children to expand their knowledge. 
Here is the schedule for the new project:
.From September to December: Each class should look when trying to use the theme of light. 
From January to April: each team must perform an experiment and place the video or photos on the site. Other teams can ask questions or make comments. 

In May: the vote. There will be three categories that correspond to age groups. 
I hope it suits your schedule. 
I'm sure we'll have fun in this new project. 
I am still waiting for answers from other partners. For now, we are 12 countries working on this project. You can invite partners from other countries if you like.
Best Regards
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