Module 6: Create a song for your country


  1. In groups students write a 3-5 verse song for their country in their mother tongue.
  2. A voting process in each class follows to select the best lyrics for the song.
  3. Teachers help students translate the song into English.
  4. A music teacher from the school adds music OR you can use the free music resources at the end of these instructions.The students are recorded (voki can be used)  singing the song.
  5. The songs are uploaded in the blog.Give the school's name in the blog entry.

DEADLINE: 26/4/2015 ---  EXTENSION: 3/5/2015


      6. A voting process for the best song of the partner countries follows here.

DEADLINE: 3/5/2015 --- EXTENSION: 12/5/2015





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Turkish Students' national song

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Lovely singersemoticon

Posted on 22/04/15 17:14.

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It's really marvelous!

Posted on 22/04/15 22:53.

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Really great and loooong!!!!!

Posted on 23/04/15 16:48.

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Though we have tried many times, we have succeeded in the end. Thank you dear Claudia.

Posted on 26/04/15 13:05 in reply to claudia corrado.

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I have published the song by two different web 2.0 tools. One for the partners to see the whole process of what all the partners have done for the HAUNTED COUNTRY via photos and the lyrics of what the students have written. The voki is for the module's demand.

Posted on 26/04/15 13:10 in reply to Anthippi Harou.

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Thanks dear friend.
It is long because the students wanted to mention everything about the Haunted Country.

Posted on 26/04/15 13:12 in reply to Vassiliki Chatzipetrou.

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Dear friends from Turkey, Thank you for your wonderful song! A1 students think it's like an opera song! Great Work!

Posted on 28/04/15 07:43.

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A very nice compliment my dear partner. Thank yous o much!

Posted on 05/05/15 13:35 in reply to Pinelopi Tsirikou.

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I like your song!!!!!!

Posted on 08/05/15 08:26.

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good work

Posted on 08/05/15 08:29.

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Very nice!

Posted on 11/05/15 22:45.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 12/05/15 08:05.

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good work!!!

Posted on 12/05/15 12:02.

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beautiful music!!

Posted on 18/05/15 09:13.

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I like your song! Bravo!

Posted on 19/05/15 11:14.

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