Module 3: Design a flag


1. Divide your students into groups and ask them to give a name to their group. 

2. Ask each group to design a flag for their country and write the group name and country/school (obligatory for Greek students, as many schools are involved).

3. Use utellstory to upload the flags and explain the rationale, USING THE AUDIO feature. For example, our flag is yellow because our country is sunny and green/ because our country has a lot of plants. Upload your class utellstory in this module’s blog. Remember to write your name and your school’s name in the blog entry.

4. Vote for the best flag of your class. Add the image of your class best flag and the rationale on this padlet wall (to make the next step of the voting process easier). Remember to write  your school’s name and your name on the padlet wall.



DEADLINE 22/12/2014


5. Vote for the best flag of a partner class/school here (each class should give one vote to one partner class/school).


DEADLINE 18/1/2015



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Dear partners, thank you so much for your votes in this module! Best wishes with the next modules!

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Congratulations Anthippi and class. It was indeed a work of art!!!!

Posted on 20/01/15 21:13.

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Thanks, Vassiliki! I'd really like to thank our school art teacher, Mrs Vassiliki Filippopoulou, for her contribution to the 'flag' topic!

Posted on 20/01/15 22:04 in reply to Vassiliki Chatzipetrou.

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Congratulations to all of you!!! It's really a wonderful flag!!!

Posted on 21/01/15 14:07.

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Congrats to Mrs. Anthippi Harou, the art teacher Mrs.Vassiliki Flipppolou and her students for the great piece of art. It really deserves to be chosen as the best flag.

Posted on 22/01/15 10:06.

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Congratulations! You really deserved it! Your flag was excellent and the idea promoted was excellent,too! We all need a Super hero to save us!

Posted on 25/01/15 00:32.

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nice flag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 12/03/15 09:28.

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nice flag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on 13/03/15 08:20.

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