Module 2: Name the country


  1. Explain the project idea to the students.
  2. Divide your students into groups.
  3. Ask each group to give a name to the country.
  4. Vote for the best name as a class.
  5. Add the name here, clicking "Add idea" and also putting  the name of your school.
  6. Add your school's name country suggestion in a blog entry just below.

Deadline: 20/10/2014

  1. Vote for the best name (you should give 1 vote to one partner country name) here

Deadline: 30/10/2014

  1. Follow the same process to create a logo and a motto for the winning country name (The teachers explain what a logo and a motto is). To create the logo, students can use . They can use the same tool to create their motto. Or they can draw it. VIEW THE TUTORIAL "COOL TEXT AND BLOG" IN THE TEACHERS' ROOM. Note: If you use cooltext, post your material in this module's blog. Drawings are uploaded in the image gallery below (you need to scan or photograph them).
  2. Students vote for the best logo and motto as a class. They upolad the best motto and logo in this module's blog (Please, write the name of your school in the blog entry and use different entries for the motto and logo)
  3. A voting process for the best logo and motto follows. Vote for the logo here. Vote for the motto here

Deadline: 15/11/2014 --- Extention: 22/11/2014

Logo and motto example



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Take a look at our logo! - 96th Primary School of Athens

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Well Done! A great video! Congratulations for your work, from 30th Primary School of Athens

Posted on 19/11/14 15:28.

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Thank you for your nice words Yvonne! I just saw that our pupils' logo share the same "homemade spirit"! Congratulations to you too!
96th School of Athens

Posted on 19/11/14 22:01 in reply to Yvonne Tsouparopoulou.

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Beautiful work! Your pupils must have enjoyed it a lot!

Posted on 19/11/14 21:20.

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Thank you Anthippi! They actually did!
Congratulations for your pupils' work too!

Posted on 19/11/14 21:56 in reply to Anthippi Harou.

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