I am Nona from Georgia. I realy enjoyed this project it was realy fun learning abaout other countries and their cultures.  Thanks 


 Dear partners from Europe,

I has been a great experience to work with all of you.

Natasha, thank you again for your brilliant ideas.

The project allowed us to understand Europe in a better way, we feel much closer from now on.

Small and simple things can help to make giant steps, this is what we have done in Europe-so many faces.

Hope to work with all of you very soon.

Enjoy Summer holidays!

Fina Vendrell

wonderful project

 Dear partners,

Thank you so much for great cooperation. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project. Natasha, you are the best!



Great Project!

Hello dar partners

I'm Melhrini from Greece.I want to thank you all for the wonderful cooperation.This project was one of the best etwinning projects that  I have ever worked.

It was a great pleasure for me and my pupils to work with all of you.

I hope we can work next school year again to a new project.


Best regards from Chalkidiki Greece







Dear partners from European countries,

We are from Azerbaijan and are very pleased to participate in this project. During the project we`ve  collaborated,cooperated, cooked a lot of meals (maybe before we haven`t tasted at all). I thank everybody in this project for support and help  especially Bulgarian school and Natasha khanim.


Day of European Cuisine

My name is Arosculesei Lavinia, School Ion Borcea Agigea, Romania,  I cooked Couscous Mayou, a Tunisian dish, which wasn't easy to prepare, because I had to boil the chickpeas for 3 hours. I also cooked Catalan cream which was easy to make and very delicious. What can I say about the other dishes? I liked Kremsnite,Cat Artur's cake, Spotted dog dessert,German potato pancakes and Maltese Pastizzi...I think these were the most delicious of all...but the others were also very good.I enjoyed this project .:)


My opinion


I had a great time and I am happy that i cooperated in this project. I hope that my class will be part of this project next year.  Goodbye :) 

My opinion


I realy enjoyed this project it was realy fun learning abaout other countries and their cultures, i also enjoyed cooking food which was very delecius. ih hope our class will be part of next years project


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