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THE NO NAME COUNTRY is a collaborative etwinning project. The purpose of the project was to give life to an uninhabited land. To achieve this, all the etwinners had  to collaborate and give our new land features a country of our imagination might have. The countries which have participated so far are displayed on the map below:



The process and the detailed activities we have participated in can be seen if you click on HOME (if you are an external visitor) or the PROJECT ACTIVITIES (if you have your personal login name and password of this project) at the top bar.

All the partners introduced themselves through vokis. Then we cooperated and finally decided to give our new country the name 'HAUNTED COUNTRY'.

This is the logo:  


and this is the motto of HAUNTED COUNTRY:


Then we worked on creating a flag for our country. We ended up with this flag:


We also created our national animal:


 And.... here's our national plant:

Here's our National Song! Enjoy it!





What a nice, mysterious country

Which is named “HAUNTED COUNTRY”!

Spiderman is on your flag

Light brings and fights the dark.


Wild “KINTARO” is the leader

 of the country and ghost killer

Nails all over his body

“KINTARO” kills everybody!


Cactus is your national plant

But be careful! It is bad!

Even dragons and witches are scared

When they are close there.


 Oh, Haunted, Haunted Country (3 times)

How magical you are!


And here are our LAWS:



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Our blog is the best!

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The best blog!!!

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Fantastic !

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wonderful blog

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I like your song

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The best blog EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congra tulations

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our blog is super

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Our blog is super!

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We have done really well so far!!! Congratulations to everyone!

Posted on 18/05/15 11:17.

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I'm really very happy for our work!Bravo to and our teachers!

Posted on 02/06/15 19:23.

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Eva, you're a really smart child! Thank you for offering us your great ideas and your lyrics for our national song!

Posted on 02/06/15 20:28 in reply to Eva 1stIlioupolis.

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Thank you Ms.Anthi.

Posted on 03/06/15 19:46.

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