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Haunted Castles in Spain




Ghosts are seen in a few polish castles: Niedzica, Sławutówko, Sucha.
The White Lady haunts in a lot of polish castles. Among them: Kórnik, Czocha, Golub, Szydłowiec and Grodno.




Knights roam in areas of castles Krzysztopór, Chojnik and Grodziec.
In Ogrodzieniec castle a mysterious dog can be seen.
In Bolków castle careless turists are haunted by a terrible monster.

In Chojnik castle princess Kunegunda and a knight on a horse wandering around the castle walls can be seen.
With the castle tower in Kruszwica connects the legend about mice.
Sometimes a skeleton strays through the passages of Rydzyna castle.
Under the Wawel Castle in Cracow is a hollow, where very scary dragon lived.
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Haunted Castles in Ukraine








TV news from Italian ghosts


We have just uploaded a video of a TV interview to some ghosts who haunts the castles we described in our ppt, please have a look to our twinspace. The actors are my students, the dialogues and the costumes were created by Rosa and Samuele.
Let us know what your opinion is.







Haunted Castles in Europe


These are a few of the most haunted castles in Europe. Together, we collect them here.