66 schools from 22 countries recorded 230 measurements over 4 continents


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The originality of this project is in the combination of the oldest science experiment and the newest ICT collaborative tools. The historical measurement : At noon on the summer solstice in the Egyptian town now called Aswan, the sun hovers straight overhead. When he heard about this fact, Eratosthenes, the librarian at Alexandria , realized he had the information he needed to estimate the circumference of the planet. The modern hands-on experiment. Pupils measure the Earth's circumference from their classroom. The pupils learn how to observe the shadows and the motion of the Sun in the sky, they build their own measuring instruments and they exchange their results with other schools through Internet. Several educational Web 2.0 platforms are used for this collaboration: The French foundation “La Main à la Pâte” (http://www.fondation-lamap.org/eratos ) ; USA CIESE Institute (http://ciese.org/curriculum/noonday/ ) and Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires (http://df.uba.ar/actividades-y-servicios/difusion/proyecto-eratostenes/informacion-conctacto-eratostenes ).All the measures are also archived on a public website (http://www.eratosthenes.eu). The last step in a series of measures are the videoconferences.

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Participating schools

 spring equinoxsummer solsticeautomn equinoxwinter solsticespecial events
20143416 27 2211

Calculation of the circumference (statistics)


All the participating schools could find a partnership to calculate the circumference of the Earth.

The best average circumference was calculated for march measurements : 0.4% error

The most popular measurement was in june with 87 measures

month of measurenumber of schoolsnumber of countriesnumber of partnershipsnumber of measuresaverage circumference (km)error

On january videoconference, students had to identify 10 participating  countries (5 Europe & 5 Asia) on a map

Malaysia was identified at 80%, and the result was 100% for all the other countries.

Screenshots of the videoconference quiz


Jumping contest


 In april/may 23 teachers/students nominated their favorite jumping photo, commenting the wiki page

 A second contest, with new photos was organized on line , during the june videoconference


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