Closing Down of Project/Saying Goodbye


Our wishes for a holidays

You can listen waht we wish you for yours holidays...It is our way to say goodbye to

all partners under the rainbow


Story about our mascots

 My kids told and drawn a story about our mascots. 


Closure Celebration! 6th Kindergarten Veria-Greece



Do you remember our favorite song? "Love the mountains, the sea, birds, flowers, clouds and mostly love each other! " Dedicated to you all! Also a song which we enjoy to dance :"Earth is turning" and we all dear friends travel in it, as if we were in a magical carpet!



our strawberry´s picnic

 We organized a picnc for all parents and kids. It was with selling things, witch made kids. With this ocasion I prepared finall presentation of our project. Some parents didn´t hear about e-twinning (especially from other classes), so they could  know some things about our project and about etwinning gennerally.

We colected money for charitatble aim-we want to buy a goal for poor familly in Africa. I thing that for erned money we can buy by about 2 or 3 goals...



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Bye bye dear friends! 6th Kindergarten Veria-Greece

    A photo to remember in front of our poster! We really enjoyed our participation in the project "Under the Rainbow"! We wish you all a happy summer!!

Closure celebration-3rd Kindergarten of Veria-Greece


In the end of the school year we present you our  actions
" visualizing a song and performing in sign language"

The song is a message of love and friendship to all of you (partners of the rainbow)

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Closure celebration-3rd Kindergarten of Veria-Greece
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We celebrated the closure of the project and we invited parents and friends to transmit the message:"Love and Hug the different" because we are all under the rainbow!!! :)

Watch a little part of the celebration...

'Under the Rainbow' comes to an end K1.2 - Malta

On the 11 - 06 - 2014, K1.2 & K2.6 celebrated the closure of the project. The colour ORANGE was chosen as the theme colour!! The celebration kicked off by going for a walk down on the promenade promoting eTwinning. We were awaited in the public garden by the local Mayor who went on to address all those present praising the benefits reaped by the inclusion of etwinning projects within the school curriculum. For this occasion the College Principal was also present who awarded the students with tranchers while the Head of school presented them with the PUPIL QUALITY LABEL. A reception/ party followed the ceremony. A big surprised was met with a very colourful RAINBOW CAKE made by one of our parents. Well Done to all who contributed especially our little students to make this a great success. As for our foreign friends/ partners/collaborators and students we wish you all good luck and a good  rest!!!  I  am sure we have all gained a lot of knowledge especially re our folklore through this project.  

Closure of the Project K2.6 Malta
This is the video of the closure of the project "Under the Rainbow". Even though this video is mostly focusing on K2.6 children, the K1.2 children were there too. Both Ms Janet and myself worked hard not just to have a project but to instill the importance of collaborating with foreign children/teachers so as to gain knowledge and understanding what goes around us. So besides thanking our pupils and their parents, we would like to thank you all for being our friends,partners and members in this project. THANK YOU Patricia
Celebrating the closure of the project (LT)
Completion of the project with parents. Skwierzyna - Poland.

During ending of the project children sang a song about rainbow, they danced and they sang a song about alphabet.
They received Quality Label and a little gift.
At the end of the meeting jointly threw up yellow and blue  balloons.

The parents gave children two balls, two games and sweets as a gift for their performances.
I handed for mothers a card from Malta of occasion Mothers Day.
All Mothers were very surprised and luckily.
They are thanking for the card and they are sending all the best for all mothers.


Our mascot Blue Star eBook (LT)
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Video conference-3rd Kindergarten of Veria- Greece-

Thanks to all our partners for the cooperation in this project.My students were really happy to talk to dear friends.We connected with Lina from Lithuania,Krystyna from Poland,Eleni,Chrysoula from Greece and Ewa from Czech Republic .

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video conference
we was so happy to meet our friends
Video Conference! 6th Kindergarten Veria-Greece



     We were really happy to talk to you dear friends! We connected with Kristina, Lina and Nopi! It was a wonderful experience!! Thank you very much for the cooperation all this year!


video conference - 6th Kindergarten Veria Greece
This video conference was a very nice experience for me. Thanks all partners for the excellent cooperation we've had all this scholastic year!
Video conference. Skwierzyna - Poland. 9.05.2014r

We had video conference with Nopi, Chrysoula, Eleni from Greece, Lina from Lithuania and with Janet and Patricia from Malta. We danced together and sang song. Children were very happy. We thanked for our work in national language and said goodbye in national language. We thank you for spent time together.


Video Conference Malta / Poland 09-05-14
Today we collaborated in a video conference with Krystyna from Poland. We are very sorry for not succeeding in connecting with our other partners. The reason was that the internet connection was working very slow and it took us almost 2 hours to connect with Skype. It was disappointing as by that time only Krystyna was still online, although we were very pleased to have connected with Poland. By that time our children had got tired of waiting and had become a bit jittery but all in all participated well in this video conference.
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Exhibition about project. Skwierzyna - Poland.

At the end of  the project we made exhibition of the project for all from our kindergarten.

You can see your pictures.



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