May Traditions/ culture/ games/food/ legends


Souvenirs for mother and father. Skwierzyna - Poland.
Children and the teacher did souvenirs together. A flower for mother and a tie for father. Wishes on a separate card.
our performance for mums and how we prepared sweet snacks for them
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Proverbs on May. Skwierzyna - Poland.

If in May thunder,
everything grows in flight.


Who is born in May,
He is getting on.

our mothers

 Becouse in may we celebrate mother´s day, we drawn our mothers and told aobut them. Firs question was for what you like or love your mother?

A Maltese folkloristic Wedding K1.2 - Malta
This is a re enactment of a traditional maltese wedding!! The children looked so sweet.
Our May wreath! 6th Kindergarten Veria-Greece

 On the first day of May in Greece we make flower wreaths and hang them in our front doors. In this way we celebrate the last month of spring which is full of beautiful flowers!  In our school we made an eco-friendly wreath using old egg cups, newspapers, buttons and of course our imagination! We wish you all a happy month!



Idiom for the month of May K1.2, K2.6 - Malta

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