First year evaluation

 This is the place for the participants in the project, both students and teachers, to reflect on the first year activities, on what they have achieved and learned. 

 During the workshop in Poland, the participating teachers reflected together on the strong points (S), the weak points (W), the opportunities (O) and the threats (T) encountered by our project during this first year. Here is the final form of their SWOT analysis. 





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The results of the students' questionnaire

 The Dutch team annlysed all the students answers and created these graphs. It's important to know how our  students feel about the project and to what extent their expectations are met. 


First Year Evaluation for Students in AIMS Results by erikatsma


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Thank you, Erik and your team, for your useful work in creating these tables and graphs. They give a very good idea about pupils’ expectations and impressions and I'm happy to see most of our pupils being so positive and content about our project.

Posted on 28/06/14 17:50.

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