Meeting in Poland- Verbal intelligence

Welcome to Myślenice !!!



Aims Magazine - made during the project meeting in Myślenice






Our experiences in Myslenice by Guzmán and Theo
My visit to Poland - Radu's diary
Images of an unforgettable experience


by Rebecca Acito and Giulia Cea -  Italian team



A beatiful week in Poland
A diary by the Italian students

Diary Dragone 03.06.2014

A Maths lesson at University

Different ways to solve Maths problems.





A Walk in Krakow
Music for AIMS

Music for AIMS from amadrigalenglish on Vimeo.

Getting to know each other
A Warm Welcome

 Our wonderful hosts welcoming us!


A Spring Week with Friends

 Some more pics from our wonderful week in Myslenice


Greeks' diary from Myslenice
The diary of Theodora Giannakou

The diary from Katerina Paraschou
elcome Ceremony in Myslenice

We are starting a collection of videos from the wonderful week in Myslenice


Welcome Ceremony in Myslenice from amadrigalenglish on Vimeo.

Ilinca's Visit Diary
A souvenir from our stay in Myslenice
The meeting in Poland as Ioana lived it

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