Until the meeting in RO


RO meeting - logistic info (only for coordintors):



BG meeting - logistic info (only for coordintors):



GR meeting - logistic info (only for coordinators):



PL meeting - logistic info (only for coordintors):







Until meeting in BG




Alternatively each country can print and glue the logos in the A3 paper.

Forme A/3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vbbb1AYKHO5GqcHEm4hDzWUCzJ6P6tf-BqS3JEwYd8w/edit




Nela send me the information that we have to change the Comenius logo with the new one.

If you have the new one please send it to all partners.

All partners must print the same size of  the logos and put them in the two corners.




Competition of calendar in own school.

Pictures of landscape or species  Normal calendar 2015. You have to bring it (printed) in Bulgaria



Preparatin for Debating in Bulgaria:

 Is ZOO a prison for animals or not? - 6 chosen students in two groups with opposed ideas are going to prepare information.




Create at least one poster with Glogster.com 




Until meeting in PL



Creating a video about our region sights and our country's beauty

From biodiversity point. (with video, photos)  The Video should be: max.-> 5 minutes (If some country wishes than +1) until the meeting in PL March or April 2015



Video conference

with the topic “How I can protect the biodiversity in my country?” In December. This will be a pwt presentation with comments and will presented by a group of students on line: Poland - Slovakia, Greece - Romania, Hungary - Bulgaria,  all with Turkey
Song about biodiversity
On January 2015 we must have finished . The lyrics should be written from the students and for music we can use other songs from our countries. We will create a video with our students playing and singing the product of this song will be uploaded in youtube and in the twinspace of our project.
On March 2015 we will create a leaflet with 2 folded pages  about the importance of biodiversity and we will share it with the local authorities, parents of our school, students.