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Here you can find some tipps that can help you in your work! Here you are some useful videos and links to know better your surroundings. You can use this material also to write your episode of Marcus' life...



Our episode of Marcus' life is inspired to the journey made by the poete Horace on the Via Appia from Rome to Brundisium. We know about this experience through the Satire V. You can have a look at the Italian translation clicking on:



If you want to know more about the Via Appia in Latium, you can have a look at the following videos, made by the Ministero of Beni Cuturali.





 The stages of the journey of Horace in Apulia. 









 Visit the official web site of the Archeological Museum of canosa di Puglia, clicking on


Ruvo di Puglia





 Visit the official web site of the National Museum Jatta of Ruvo di Puglia, clicking on



Barium, Bari





 If you are interested in the history of Bari, please have a look at



Gnathia, Egnazia







Visit the official web site of the archaeological Museum of Egnazia clicking on



Brundisium, Brindisi







 Other interesting archeological sites in Apulia and Lucania


 Canne della Battaglia







Herdonia, Ordona