Emotions and eyes.

I am happy....

..when it is a sun, when I get a present, when my Mum kiss me, when I get good marks,

...when I draw, when I play with friends,

When we go to our "secret way" (Afonso), ... and we can play with earth and water (Gui G), when my mum hugs me (Rodrigo D), when my dog "cookie" liks me (Tiago), when I go to the beach with my family(Matilde R), when I can stay at home alone with my mum( Gonçalo F), when we laugth (Sebastião) - (Portugal, Lisbon)

when I go in the country (Sonia and Anca- Tecuci, Romania); when I play with my friends ( Alessia and Darius); when I ride my bike ( Ștefan);

...when I watch my favourite cartoon ( Adi); when I hear my baby brother laughing ( Larisa); when my mum gives me a hug ( David); when my dad play games with me (Mihai)

 when I get a present ( Julka) when I am healthy ( Mikołaj) when I am with my Dad ( Nikola) when I walk my dog ( Patryk)

I am sad...

...when I am sick (Sonia), when I lost my toy, when I am alone, when I haven't got any friends, When my friends go away and we have to say "good bye"(Sebastião), When "cookie", my dog, get sick(Tiago), When I broke one of my toys (Matilde), When I loose a toy (Daniela), When we were going for a walk and it begin to rain. (Inês) - (Portugal, Lisbon)

when my mother goes to work in a foreign country and I have to live without her for many months (Darius);

when I cannot find my favourite toy ( Raul); when my parents are angry ( Irina)

when I am sick ( Oliwka) when I am alone at home ( Wiktoria) when I get bad mark at school ( Mikołaj) when I have to go to the doctor ( Monika)

I am surprised..

... when I get presents, when someone wants me to play with, when my mother come pick me early at the school. It is a very good surprise (Rodrigo) - (Portugal - Lisbon)

when I go in a special place with my family ( Tudor); when I loosea tooth ( Robert)


when I get a gift ( Julia) when I receive a letter ( Pola)

I am angry...

 When some of my friends ruins my play ( Gui), when someone takes me one of my toys(Afonso), when soemone does not let me play with him(Gonçalo), when Matilde does nort alow me to be the mother(Iris) - (Portugal - Lisbon)

when people do not trust in me ( Bianca); when I have to get up early in the morning ( Noemi)

when my friend does not want to play with me ( Daria); when I do not get the toy I want ( Darius)

when I can't save my presentation ( Monika) when I lost mi pictures ( Adrian) when my tablet is at home instead at school ( Pola)

I am scared...

 When I have nigthmares ( Mia), when a big dog runs to me (Mariana), When I see a spider( Leandro)

when I hear stories about ghosts or vampires ( Maria); when I go to the dentist (Alexia)

when someone is criing ( Oliwka) when I am isite the crowd ( Pola)

I am nervous...

 When I do something wrong and my mother get is arriving ( Afonso), when my father is angry with me(Pedro), when my mother shouts with me or my brother (Afonso C.) - (Portugal - Lisbon)

when I broke a glass ( Sebi); when I tell a lie ( Alex)

when I forget to do my homework ( Monika) when I forget to take a tablet ( Mikołaj)

I am worried...

 When all my friends went home and my mother never arrives to pick me up ( Tiago), When my grand mother has a head heak (Filipe), when my mother is tierd ( Mariana) - (Portugal - Lisbon)

when my mum has a fight with my dad ( Ștefi); when my baby sister is crying ( Maria S.)

when I don't have much time to do my homework ( Basia)




 We spoke about emotions, play in group, read stories and after all that we choose some photos of our emotions between the photos of the class. Them, Rodrigo P, Sebastião, Matilde Real and Luz use prezi to tell you about our emotions...



Emotions in my eyes

 We talked about emotions. The children understood how they are  expressed in our eyes...

Cornelia and The LITTLE BEES from School No. 9 NICOLAE ORGHIDAN Brașov, Romania



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