Our Roman Heritage

Probably there will be some Roman remains close to your city.

Probably your Literature has a Roman model.

Probably, when you talk to somebody, some words you pronounce come from Latin.

In this activity we'd like to find our Roman Heritage.

It's very easy: Just to do a presentation where you show the  Roman side of your life.


When you have finished, please, copy the embed code and paste it in the blog (see below of this page)



Roman remains extremadura

Latin around us
The Amber Route
Roman remains in Poland
English words influenced by Latin
Pruszcz GdaƄski trading Post

The influence of Latin on English language
Kopia pliku Student certificate - Google Slides docs.google.com
Polish words of Latin origin
Polish literature inspired by Romans


By Valeria
Roman mosaics from Tarente

Torre Aguila Villa




The Roman Colony of Emerita Augusta
Canusium - Canosa di Puglia

By Chiara M.

Roman bridges in Apulia

Roman Amphitheatres in Apulia

Ruvo di Puglia

 By Stefano and Marco
Via Appia

By Valeria
Photo Gallery

 Please have a look at the photo gallery to see the pictures taken by Stefano at the Archaelogical Park and Museum of Egnazia! 

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